How to Watch Videos on Android Phone Screen

In the midst of increasingly fierce technological competition today, many applications add a variety of interesting features that are of course useful for users. One of them is the Opera browser application. Did you know that only by using the Opera browser application; Can you watch videos on your Android phone screen?


As with other browser applications, we use the Opera browser application only for the purpose of browsing websites or looking for needed information. One of the reasons why many smartphone users use the Opera browser application is because in this application we can easily block ads.


However, now the Opera browser application comes with the latest features whose functions differ greatly from the benefits of browser applications in general. This feature allows users to be able to watch videos on the main screen of your Android cellphone. Interestingly, the video will always appear on the Android cellphone screen even if you open other applications such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, or other applications.


1. Download a video you want to watch in the Opera browser application. After the video download is successful, Tap on the Opera icon in the lower right corner and select the Download menu .

2. Tap the video you just downloaded to watch the video. Once the video is open, tap the small square icon in the lower right corner of the video. Automatically, the size of your video changes to be smaller than the previous size.

3. Meanwhile, to be able to display the video to your Android cellphone screen; tap the home menu on your respective Android HP device. Automatically, the video will appear on the home screen of your Android phone. Tap on the video, then drag the video to the position you want on the Android phone screen.

4. Videos will always appear on your Android phone screen, even if you open other applications. To close the video, tap once on the video and tap the x ( cross ) icon in the upper-right corner of the video.


How? It’s not easy to display videos on your Android cellphone screen. That way you can still watch the videos you like, even if you open other applications on your Android phone. And you can also easily close the video without having to reopen the Opera application on your Android phone.

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