How to Write Articles & Send Message by Voice on SwiftKey Keyboard

How to Write Articles & Send Message by Voice on SwiftKey Keyboard

Want to write an e-mail message but are lazy to type? Or want to make an article but it is magical? Come on, just type whatever your message uses voice.

The development of the era brings us to a better era. All work and activities become easier. Even more so with the presence of a smartphone . All things can be done easily through the smart phone. For example just like making videos, editing , making articles and many others.

All things that we could only do using a computer or a digital camera can be done with a smartphone in your hand. Although maybe the features are still limited and less complex but it is quite helpful.

Now, in a digital era like this, it is certainly familiar to us when doing work through digital devices. For example, sending emails, making word assignments , or making articles. But there are times when we might be tired and very lazy to type.

Certainly very troublesome isn’t it. But take it easy now we are helped by the presence of technological sophistication. We can type any message or any article that we want to make by voice only. Want to know how? Come on, immediately find out how below.

1. The first step, download and install the SwiftKey Keyboard application .

2. The second step, open the Settings menu or settings on your smartphone , select the Additional Settings menu then select the Language & Enter menu.

3. The third step, tap the Set keyboard menu then on the Google Voice Typing menu, select the Settings menu.

4. The fourth step, choose the language to be Indonesian. Next go back to the Language menu & enter the output menu select text to speech.

5. Step five, tap the Language menu and select Indonesian again.

6. Step six, open the SwiftKey application then tap the menu Select Swiftkey then tap the menu Get better predictions.

7. Step seven, select the Language menu in the SwiftKey settings and make sure to choose Indonesian.

8. The eighth step, open notepad, message or something, then tap the microphone icon on the keyboard . Then all you have to do is say all the words you want to type.

Thus the tutorial How to Write Articles & Send Message by Voice on SwiftKey Keyboard. May be useful.

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