Make your own quotes with your own pictures

The easy way to make quotes without design or design skills is currently very easy. Want to make words of wisdom? Or maybe the word alone for a friend? Well, you can try the trick below to make Quotes as fast as lightning.


Nowadays, social media is not only a place to share selfies or make new friends. Social media has changed like a diary that other users can comment on. Many people complain or vent on social media these days.

It’s no wonder that a lot of quotes and words of wisdom are starting to appear, whether it’s motivation or satire that we often encounter on our social media account timelines.


You yourself, of course, often don’t see Quotes on social media, have you ever felt offended or motivated? Definitely, Answers vary and one user must be different. Every now and then, you definitely want to make a quote. But sometimes lazy complicated to design an interesting quote. For that, you can try the trick to make an easy quote without the following design.


Creating a quote design or wise words is not really difficult. But most of us want something simple and easy to use. There are various ways that you can take to make a quote. One way is to use editing apps that are freely available on the Play Store today. However, of course, you need time to find and create good text and backgrounds. Then can we make a quote as fast as lightning without having to design this?

You can try using the platform from Jnck media. This platform is actually a website, where you can make quotes online with the help of the system or AI. With this website you are free to use your own words, you can also set the watermark and background using only keywords. Instead of being curious, let’s go directly to the tutorial below.


1. Go to the web browser on your cellphone then search for ” Jnck Media “, and select the top site, namely Select the burger icon in the upper left to open another menu.

2. Continue to select the SGB Tools menu, then select the Quote Maker menu again.

3. Write a quote that you will make in the Quote column. Then in the background, you can type the background keyword you want to use. Your Name column is your name that can be filled or not for the middle position leave it alone. If you have all tapped Submit, now the results will be directly at the bottom and you just tap download to download the Quote.

4. If you don’t like the existing SGB team watermark, you can choose another Quote maker. The trick is to return to the burger menu and select editor tools, then select The Deepest Quote Maker. Then to change the watermarktap the watermark column.

5. Select Custom watermark and the result is as shown below.


This Jnck media website is very easy to understand by anyone. You only need to enter keywords and text in the provided column, the website will be ready to generate interesting Quote images that are ready for you to share on your social media.

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