New Feature Live Animated Text on Instagram

If in the past, wanted to make animated text on Instagram, we had to use the help of Gifs to make it move! But not anymore, now on Instagram there is a feature to create live animated text, how does this feature work? Come on, read on the article until it runs out.


Surely today almost all levels of society around the world have an Instagram account. Instagram today is a social media network that is being enjoyed by many people. Even though it only focuses on image and video content, in fact this social media is quite a lot of people’s attention.

This is even more so for online businesses because Instagram reaches quite a tantalizing audience . Therefore there are lots of tricks in the world of Instagram to attract an audience , whether it’s just for personal or business.


Yes, discussing insta story or Instagram tricks is indeed fun and seems endless. Because almost every day, making Story a necessity for all users, be it for business or personal . Finally, Instagram continues to update its features until now adding a text effect or animation feature that can make text or letters move.


To make animated text, it can be done from many things, such as making it using motion pictures or gifs. In the past, many used this trick to add moving text to their respective insta stories .

Unfortunately, it feels quite complicated. And luckily we have now provided an animated text feature that we can use immediately. The features themselves are also quite interesting, where each font has a different animation.


1. Make sure to update your Instagram application to the latest version. If you have opened the Instagram application on your respective smartphone then create a story as usual. You can make story videos or photos or plain text as shown. Type the text that you want to move and then tap the Next menu.

2. Tap  on the Aa icon to enter the animation creation menu. To make the text move, you just have to tap the A icon with the leftmost stripe. If you want to change the animation, you just have to select the font shape at the bottom.


Easy isn’t it the way to make animated text directly using Instagram? We no longer need to look for one by one from the gif images. Besides saving time, the animation is also not boring. Good luck!

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