How to Temporarily Disable Instagram Account Via Smartphone

Tired of your activities on Instagram? Want to disable it for a while and maybe come back someday? If yes, below, we have prepared an article for temporarily deactivating Instagram via a smartphone . INSTAGRAM Who are Internet users today who are not familiar with social media sharing Instagram photos and videos? Yes, this one social media application is indeed… Read More »

How to Hide Number of Likes on Instagram Posts

Now social media applications have become a basic need of today’s millennial society. How come? Through social media applications, users can easily obtain and get the latest information easily and quickly. And one of the most widely used social media applications by the world community today is the Instagram application. INSTAGRAM Along with the increasing number of users… Read More »

How to Report a Group on Telegram

The more advanced technology today, the faster information/content spreads. As we know, whether it’s in chat applications, social media applications, or search applications like Google, there are millions of new information/contents that come in every day. However, of all the information/content that comes in, not all of it is information/content that is positive and useful. There is… Read More »

How to Change the Notification Pop Up

Notifications are one of the most important things in a smartphone . Well, if you plan to change it, inwepo will share a trick to make the notification pop up more cool and interesting at the bottom of the screen. SMARTPHONES AND APPS Smartphones are closely related to applications. Yes, there are many applications available, there are default applications and… Read More »

How to View Deleted Instagram Stories

As one of the features most frequently used by users, Instagram Stories or what is more commonly called InstaStory has lots of unique and interesting features. But unfortunately the text, photos, and videos uploaded to InstaStory can only be seen for 24 hours. After that InstaStories posts will be automatically deleted. VIEW DELETED INSTASTORIES But did you… Read More »

How do you set reminders on Realme

Along with today’s technology, there are lots of interesting applications available on the Play Store. But often times, it’s so fun to use the application that we forget the time and forget about the tasks that should have been done. To get around this, generally we will use a reminder timer application that must be downloaded first… Read More »