Secrets of Caring for Laptop Batteries Easily

Secrets of Caring for Laptop Batteries Easily

Secrets of Caring for Laptop Batteries Easily – caring for laptop batteries is indeed difficult hard and easy, there are some people who always replace batteries because they often have problems. Examples of these laptop battery problems such as not fully charged even though it has been in the cas for hours, the battery quickly runs out even within a few minutes. That problem is what ultimately makes people prefer to buy a laptop battery again, even though the price is enough to drain the bag.

Do you know? actually there are some secrets to caring for laptop batteries that are quite safe and easy, well if you are confused then below we have prepared tips on caring for batteries for laptops.

Don’t Make Battery Empty

One of the secrets of caring for a laptop battery first is not to leave the battery empty to 0 percent. If you often experience things like this, it is not surprising if your battery does not last long, because the more often your battery is empty, the battery will be damaged quickly. Therefore, if your battery is already 20 percent, it should be fully charged immediately so that it stays durable.

Use a Laptop Only Needed The

point here is not to use a laptop for a long time, or more than five hours. Why is that? Because the laptop will heat up and it will certainly be damaged quickly, especially if there is no fan under the laptop.

To care for the battery, you should use this laptop for 3 hours after that, please turn off for half an hour and turn it on again. This method will certainly make your laptop and battery last longer.

Don’t Forget to Pull the Laptop Case The

secret to taking care of your laptop battery is to pull the battery directly, when your battery is 100 percent charged, please remove the battery. If you do not pull it out immediately, it could cause the battery not to last long, because it is too full but the casan is still attached to the laptop.

Don’t get dust often

Believe you dust can actually damage the laptop and the battery at the same time. To avoid this, you should clean the laptop once a week or when needed. By cleaning the laptop, then not only is the battery durable but your favorite laptop can last.

Don’t Use a Laptop When It’s Charged

If you are charging a battery, you should not have to operate the laptop first because it can damage the laptop battery quickly. The solution is that you have to turn off the laptop first, well, after it is full, then unplug it and use your laptop again.

The secrets of caring for laptop batteries earlier can hopefully help you in finding ways to care for batteries so they don’t get damaged quickly, buddy!

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