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How to Make Online Gifts on Android

As an internet user, surely you have seen and found a gift display that once you click it will display a photo and message. It cannot be denied, with the increasing popularity of the internet; there are lots of unique and interesting views that can be opened easily and quickly. One of them is making gifts online. ONLINE… Read More »

How to Auto Delete Media Files on Telegram

Not only as a means of sending text and telephone messages, both the WhatsApp application and the Telegram application have many other benefits. Like sending media files, photos, videos, songs, or other files / files. However, it seems that the two chat applications are becoming increasingly popular; WhatsApp and Telegram developers want to make the application light and… Read More »

How to Install the WA Notification Led with the Sender’s Name

Tired of our monotonous WhatsApp notification display? Come on, just replace it with the notification LED . Besides being unique, there is also the name of the sender too. Are you curious to try? Jump to the article below. NOTIFICATION LED If you see the Led notification, maybe some of us will remember Blackberry cellphones in the past. Where almost all BlackBerry uses a led light, and… Read More »