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How to Report a Group on Telegram

The more advanced technology today, the faster information/content spreads. As we know, whether it’s in chat applications, social media applications, or search applications like Google, there are millions of new information/contents that come in every day. However, of all the information/content that comes in, not all of it is information/content that is positive and useful. There is… Read More »

How to Auto Delete Media Files on Telegram

Not only as a means of sending text and telephone messages, both the WhatsApp application and the Telegram application have many other benefits. Like sending media files, photos, videos, songs, or other files / files. However, it seems that the two chat applications are becoming increasingly popular; WhatsApp and Telegram developers want to make the application light and… Read More »

2 Easy Ways to Remove Stickers on Telegram

It seems that stickers have become mandatory in the world of chat. The proof is that we often answer our chat opponents with just a sticker. Plus, now besides stickers that come from the chat application itself; There are tons of applications that offer free stickers and even a sticker maker application. TELEGRAM STICKERS Telegram itself is a… Read More »

how to change telegram to cloud storage

Your smartphone memory is often full because of too much stored data? Well, let’s just save all your data in cloud storage on Telegram.  In Indonesia, we know a lot about chat or messenger applications . Among them and the most popular and many people use are Facebook Messenger and also WhatsApp. These two applications, which are still one roof, really dominate the world of instant… Read More »