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How to Clear Windows 10 Cache

Deleting cache is important for the health of the computer that you have so that the computer is smooth in carrying out its activities. Cache itself can be in the form of junk files generated from certain programs, both system and user (correct if wrong). Stacking cache can cause the computer to slow down when used. Then how… Read More »

How to use alarm in windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows released by Microsoft for PC or laptop devices. Of course, because it is the latest version, Windows 10 is superior to several previous versions of Windows, including in terms of features. In Windows 10, you can find an alarm feature that can help to remind you of the… Read More »

How to delete all duplicate files in Windows

One way to secure a  file  in Windows is to make a copy of the  file  . Not infrequently, we do this copy  more than once on our operating system. This activity is fairly normal, because it includes the data backup  step  . Some of us even put a  copy of the file on a folder or even a disk different from the location of the original file . If the original file  has been used and we don’t need it anymore, of course  the we will immediately delete it. However, what… Read More »

How to make a Chrome cursor a funny character

Often surf in cyberspace using Google Chrome? Bored with normal or mediocre cursor shapes? let’s change your cursor to be cuter with Cute Cursor . Follow the steps below. GOOGLE CHROME Internet users around the world or even in Indonesia are certainly familiar with the name Google Chrome. Google’s browser application or browsing site is indeed quite widely used by anyone to search for… Read More »