Tips on How to Different Notebooks with Netbooks

Tips on How to Different  Notebooks with Netbooks 

Today, the development of the world of technology is very fast. This is further strengthened by the presence of portable computers that are lighter and simpler. There are so many advantages of portable computers when compared to desktops, some of which are physically simpler and easier to carry around.

Aside from some of the advantages, this portable computer also has several terms that often make people confused. Some of them say laptops, some say notebooks, and some say netbooks.

Tips on How to Distinguish a Notebook from a Netbook

This time I will discuss is about the differences between notebooks and netbooks . Because the pronunciation of the two is very similar. Actually between this notebook and netbook has some very significant differences, including the following:

1. In terms of size and weight

Netbooks are usually smaller with sizes ranging from only 8-10 inches and weights ranging from only 1kg. While notebooks or laptops typically have sizes ranging from 10-17inchi.

2. Specifications

For specifications, netbooks are more standard compared to notebooks. Netbooks don’t have DVD ROM while notebooks do

3. In terms of price

From the price, obviously there is a difference. Netbooks are cheaper because they are smaller and the specifications are standard. while notebooks are more expensive because they have more advantages compared to netbooks.

4. In terms of performance and durability

For its own performance, Notebook is far more reliable compared to smaller netbooks. This is again due to specifications that may differ greatly between the two. for example notebooks processors up to the core I 7, while the new netbook Intel atom and atom. For large clear durability that is more resistant. logically given the same burden, but with different energy. One is super power and the other is light power. Of course those who have light energy will feel more burdened so that it will affect the usage period, of course.

5. In terms of comfort

When it comes to comfort, of course in what ways. For example, comfortable for work, of course I prefer a notebook that has a more powerful performance compared to a mediocre Netbook. But if it is convenient to travel, of course, Netbook is more like it because the Netbook is lighter and smaller, so it is easy to carry everywhere.

So this simple information, hopefully you can distinguish between notebooks and netbooks. Hopefully this information about the differences between notebooks and netbooks will be useful.

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